Sunday, April 22, 2012

Singapore Interview 2012

Singapore Interview

Singapore Concert Songs

News of the solos!
1. Jubilate
2. Libera
3. Song of Life (solo: Ralph Skan) S
4. Sanctissima (solo: Ralph Skan)
5. Sanctus
6. I Vow to Thee My Country (solo: Matthew Jansen)
7. Eternal Light (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
8. Salva Me
9. Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep (solo: Ralph Skan)
10. Exultate


11. Orinoco Flow
12. Gloria
13. The Fountain
14. Dies Irae (solos: Ciaran Bradbury-Hickey & Matthew Rangel-Alvares)
15. Grateful Heart (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
16. . Stay With Me (solos: Cassius O'Connell-White, Dylan Duffy & Barney Lindsell??)
17. Ave Verum Ave Verum
18. . Far Away (solo: Isaac London ) Far Away (Solo: Isaac London)
19. Glory to Thee Glory to Thee
20. How Shall I Sing that Majesty (solo: Stefan Leadbeater)
Encore: Exultate

Libera Sinaapore Tour 2012

 Tour Singapore

Boys at the concert in Singapore

Pictures from Singapore concert