Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tom Cully making it big!!!

Fantastic news about Tom Cully!!!

He has created his own site on MySpace. Tom sings the following songs:
1. Cashmere  2. Scarborough Fair cover tryout 3.Until the End of Time cover

Here you can hear his music he composes and records in his bedroom!

"My names Tom Cully, I'm a 15 year old Singer/Songwriter. I compose a lot of classical music but I also like singing covers and making them into voice based songs, rather than the instruments driving it. Being a previous member of Libera I've now progressed on and am currently studying music at The Brit school. I record in my bedroom and really just find it an escape to everyday life. The songs I write are normally about the stresses of a teenage love life and the clichés that go with it."

Tom Cully


Anonymous said...

I found him today on myspace by accident and I was just totally blown away by his songs and his "new" incredible voice!!!!
I am soooo happy to see that he's carrying on with the singing...an amazing job he did there!!! ♥
Hope he will release his first CD soon...^^

Anonymous said...

Cashmere is great!!!!! Song is in my head from the moment I heard it. So glad Tom continues: he's a great artist!!!

Hope he can create an album with more songs that are as good as Cashmere..